How to configure Keycloak with Nextjs with next-auth for authentication

Steve Mu
1 min readOct 25, 2022

install next-auth library

create “pages/api/auth/[…nextauth]”.ts:

import NextAuth from 'next-auth';
import KeycloakProvider from 'next-auth/providers/keycloak';
export const authOptions = {
providers: [
clientId: process.env.KEYCLOAK_ID,
clientSecret: process.env.KEYCLOAK_SECRET,
issuer: process.env.KEYCLOAK_ISSUER,
export default NextAuth(authOptions);

Configure Keycloak:

Create an realm for the nextjs app.

Create a client for the nextjs app, configure:

Home URL: http://localhost:3000

Valid redirect URIs: http://localhost:3000/*

This allows Keycloak to redirect back to your URI.

Web origins: http://localhost:3000

In The Credentials in the client setting, find the “Client secret”, then add following to .env in your nextjs app:

KEYCLOAK_ID="[client id]"
KEYCLOAK_ISSUER="http://localhost:8080/realms/[REALM-ID]" (replace [REALM-ID] with your realm id

To initiate login:

import { signIn } from 'next-auth/react';// in a button handler

and this will redirect to a build-in login page, then click on “login with Keycloak”.

after redirecting back to your app, you can use:

const { data: session } = useSession(); 

to look at the session data.